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FCUT - The perfect CNC Plasma Cutting Table  

  FCUT F1020 / F1530 / F2040 / F2060 - W/A 

FCUT 1530.jpg


Plasma cutting table with a CNC touch-screen for Intuitive HMI operation

Portable remote control 

External CAD/CAM software with Integrated cutting parameters THC arc controlled torch height 

Torch collision protection

Clear visible laser cross for start point settings 

Double drives in longitudinal direction

Max speed 25m/min

Water table with grid and level regulation

Fume extraction table optional

( picture )

Machine weight 1050Kg


The FCUT is a dynamic and precise CNC plasma cutting table for thermal cutting mild and stainless steel, galvanized and aluminum sheets in the operation range of 1000x2000mm ( F1020 ), 1500x3000mm ( F1530 ), 2000x4000mm ( F2040 ) and 2000x6000mm ( F2060 ). ​

The guides are integrated in a rigid and robust steel frame with not one but double linear guides per each axis which results in permanently precise hole and corner results even at high cutting speeds thanks to a dynamic and powerful drive-gear unit.

The helical pinion on the rack also ensures smooth running.

The THC / plasma arc Torch Height Control ensures a reliable cutting height even on wavy sheets. An effective torch collision protection is integrated for plasma torch and machine protection. ​ A clearly visible laser cross makes it easy to find a precise job starting point on the sheet or align sheet positions on the table. Import dxf or dwg files for nesting using the custom CAD/CAM software. 

The cutting parameters are set automatically. Plasma cutting parameters are stored in a database and ergo are part of each NC file. The CNC operation reflects the principle of a simple, fast, easy, intuitive machine operation and allows in addition to that quick help by remote maintenance access.  

The machine, designed for continuous 24/7 use, comes with a reliable customer support and service.

Operation range  

Operation range F1020      1000x2000mm

Operation range F1530       1500x3000mm

Operation range F2040 2000x4000mm

Operation range F2060 2000x6000mm

Double sided linear guides on each axis ( X/Y/Z) 

Drive resolution 0,01mm

Helical pin on rack 

Max. speed 25m/min

Weight 1050Kg

Plasma amps: 45-120A 

Warranty: 2 years

Made in Europe

At a glance

CNC touch screen Intuitive HMI operation External CAD/CAM software

THC arc regulated height control with torch collision protection

Laser pointer for easy starting point settings

Rigid and robust steel frame construction Recirculating ball linear guide in X/Y/Z

2x linear guide Y-axis

2x linear guide Z-axis

Dynamic motor/transmission unit

Helical rack and pinion in X/Y

Z-axis spindle drive,

2x linear guide ​


Water Cutting Table ( W/ )

Operation range 1000x2000mm ( F1020 )

Operation range 15000x3000mm ( F1530 )

Operation range 2000x4000mm ( F2040 ) Operation range 2000x6000mm ( F2060 ) ​



Fume Eextraction table ( /A )

Fume filter

High frequency marker

Pipe and profile rotator

Parallel Lines

FCUT factory site

FCUT customer site



"Only good drives, guides and good SPS characteristics result into perfect plasma cutting results".


“Gut gebaute und zuverlässige Plasmamaschine.”

Johann R. 

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